Migraines and Acupuncture

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Migraines and Acupuncture

Do you suffer from migraines? If so you’re not alone. Migraine sufferers number more than 38 million people in the US alone. Most people plagued by migraines experience one or two attacks per month and according to the Migraine Research Foundation, there are more than 4 million people that have at least 15 days of migraine-suffering each month.

This makes migraines extremely debilitating and intrusive — hampering a person’s ability to function normally at work, school and in other areas of life — and it’s also why migraines are considered the sixth most disabling illness in the world. It’s little wonder that people are desperate for treatment and relief.

Traditional treatment includes aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, anti-nausea drugs and Triptan family drugs. For most migraine sufferers, over-the-counter medications have little to no effect and while prescription drugs may provide relief, they may also come with negative side effects. Fortunately, there is another option for migraine sufferers.

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal indicated that traditional acupuncture may be beneficial in reducing the frequency of migraines within each month while also reducing the intensity of those migraines. Three months after treatment, participants continued to experience a reduced frequency of migraines. Acupuncture provides an alternative treatment to those who have had little success with traditional treatment or medications, or who are looking for a treatment of migraines that doesn’t include drugs.

If you’re one of the millions of people affected by migraines, I invite you to discover how acupuncture can help. Contact me to schedule an appointment, and you can learn more about how acupuncture works here.

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