Acupuncture Q & A

Q. Do needles hurt?

A. On the insertion of acupuncture needles (which are hairlike thin and not hollow like injection needles) occasionally a sensation of a pinch, tightness, tingling or slight soreness can occur,  but not every needle will carry the same sensation and some will feel have no sensation at all. Most clients feel very relaxed or calm and if there is any discomfort, the patient should tell the practitioner and needle will can be easily adjusted.  Acupuncturists are trained to insert needles at the exact location, angle and depth to avoid injury.

Q. How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture needles insertion affects the ” qi” (energy flow) which creates changes in your body either to release blockages that cause pain and disfunction or to restore strength to your entire system. 

Q. How safe is acupuncture?

A. Acupuncture is known to be a safe, non-invasive procedure. Only sterile needles that are individually bubble packed are used. Needles can’t ever be reused on other people.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. There are no known side-effects to acupuncture. If you have an allergy to stainless steel you should tell your acupuncturist prior to beginning treatment. 

Q. What can I expect at my first acupuncture treatment?

A. Prior to your first treatment you’ll need to fill out your paperwork which can be downloaded here. You can print them, complete the forms and either bring it with you on your first visit or scan and email back. 

Your first visit will begin with an interview and examination and can also  include acupuncture treatment, cupping (suction with a Glass cup, usually upper or lower back or both), moxa (warming herb), and an herbal prescription ( Chinese medicinal herbs combined into a formula). Your acupuncturist will .decide what treatment will be performed according to patients condition