For over a year I was suffering from occipital neuralgia and headaches, which would become quite unbearable at times. I had been to several medical professionals who tried all kinds of special treatments – nothing helped. A friend finally suggested acupuncture and that’s how I met Stefanie Woods.

I should mention that I am 85 years old, and of course I had heard about acupuncture, but I still had my doubts about its effectiveness and was sure that even acupuncture would never get rid off my headaches completely again. Well, Stefanie changed my perceptions. After a few weeks of treatments the pain got less and less and is now gone completely. All thanks to Stefanie Woods, who is a person who deeply cares and gives you the feeling that you are her most important patient.

Apart from the actual treatments, Stefanie stays in touch with you, you can call or email her, and she will always call or mail you back as soon as possible and will try to work with you.

Treatments mainly consist of massages and the actual acupuncture, the needles of which are so thin that you hardly feel them. And if you are still “scared” of needles,

Stefanie can apply the acupuncture also by Laser, where you really do not feel anything.

I have told all my friends about my “miracle worker” doctor of acupuncture and can wholeheartedly recommend Stefanie Woods.


Dr Stefanie Is an outstanding Dr!!!

I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis 2 years ago thru a surgical procedure and was put on 3 types of medicines. IC is a very painful condition in which there is deterioration of the bladder lining and ulcers in the bladder which lead to painful burning urination and severe pain in the abdomen. The 3 prescriptions were to be taken the rest of my life and were only working on the symptoms not on healing. From the first time I met Dr. Stephanie she became very involved in my healing process. She is an outstanding researcher and instantly began a mixed Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment. After a few months I was able to get off the western medications. I am now completely off any medication. The pain is gone completely only a little flair up with stress or bad diet. However, I call Dr Stefanie and she rushes to my aide– her practice has saved me!! I would recommend Dr Stefanie to anyone!!

Denita Munden, Florida Keys

Dr Stefanie is a true healer. She deeply cares for her patients and goes above and beyond to help them. Her knowledge is incredible!! Thank You Dr Stefanie!!

Chuck Kitto, Islamorada, FI

I initially called Stefanie to find out how acupuncture could help my candiasis, but the depth of her practice reached much deeper than I could have expected. Stefanie has taken the time and care to work with me on diet, herbal supplements, and how my body type  and current condition relate to Chinese medicine, constantly offering additional research and related knowledge, keeping me on track and inspired toward total health.  I know I would have not have come this far without her help and dedication. Her work is greatly appreciated.

Kelly, South Carolina

My name is Mary and I just me the most incredible lady. Her name is Stefanie Woods and she is the most caring person I know.

I have been so very sick for the past five months and after spending many hours in various doctors offices and emergency rooms with no relief, it was such a godsend to have met Stefanie. She has treated me with acupuncture and now I don’t hurt at all. I still can’t believe that acupuncture can be such a miracle.

If you have health problems I recommend that you call Stefanie Woods. She is the most caring person I know.


Stephanie is the very best person I have ever gone to.  She is so very kind and talented.  Her priority is “making you better”.  I went to her for knee and back pain due to an injury.  I have never been treated so well by any practitioner.  She took the time that was needed to treat me and I left her feeling less pain than I had felt since I was a teenager. I HIGHLY recommend Stephanie.  I have recommended her to several others who call me to say that they have never had anyone as good.  She really is exceptional and I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

Holly G.

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for my arthritis and other ailments for the past 5 years. I go to an acupuncturist in Oregon and another in Islamorada, Florida so I have a basis of comparison. Stefanie Woods, my acupuncturist in Florida, is a compassionate, caring, thoroughly professional acupuncturist and herbalist. She is gentle in her approach and generous with helpful information to supplement her needle procedure. Ms. Woods takes the time to ensure that her patients understand her applications and how they will improve health. I nave introduced several of my friends to acupuncture with Ms. Woods and because of her reassuring professionalism in a lovely setting, they have continued acupuncture treatments with positive results.

Pat A.

I recently discovered Stefanie Woods on the internet when I was visiting my home in Marathon, Fla and in need of an acupuncturist.  I researched four acupuncturists in and around the Marathon area & asked for referrals from my friends and healthcare providers.  I am thrilled with the results provided to me by Stefanie Woods.  Not only is my post-surgical pain reduced and motion of the surgical area improved, but my quality of sleep is better and my energy has returned after multiple sessions.

Stefanie is a true healer and is generous with her skill wisdom.  She intimately understands the science and art of acupuncture and adds to that her knowledge of massage.  Traveling 30 miles to Islamorada, for her healing touch, is not the slightest deterrent because of what I receive from her.  I have experienced acupuncture many times in the last 15 years and feel fortunate to have found Stefanie for my extended stays in Marathon, Fla.

Dr. Arlene, retired BS, DC, CCSP